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Glossary of Swiss wine terms

Raüschling - White grape variety that can be found in Eastern Switzerland.

Rèze - Indigenous white grape variety from Valais which serves to elaborate the "Vin des glaciers".

Riesling - Classic German grape variety cultivated in small quantities in Valais.

Riesling x Sylvaner - (Müller-Thurgau) - White grape variety cultivated mainly in Eastern Switzerland.

Salvagnin - HRed wine of good quality in the canton of Vaud, comparable to the Dôle of Valais.

Sauvignon Blanc - White grape variety that can be found in Valais and in Ticino.

Savagnin Blanc - White grape variety from the Jura (France) that is found in Valais under the name of Païen (Heida).

Schiller - Rosé from Eastern Switzerland issued from red and white grapes grown in the same vineyard.

Sommelier - Person in charge with the service of wines and responsible for the cellar in a restaurant.

Süssdruck - Rosé from Eastern Switzerland.

Sylvaner - White grape variety relatively important in Switzerland, known under the names of Johannisberg or Rhine in Valais.

Syrah - Classic red grape variety, cultivated above all in Valais.

Terravin - White wine of good quality in the canton of Vaud.

Twanner - - Wine from the Twann region (Lake of Bienne).

Weissherbst - Term of origin used in Eastern Switzerland to refer to a white wine issued from the Pinot Noir.

Winser-Wy - Quality label for wines from Eastern Switzerland.


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