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Glossary of Swiss wine terms

Ermitage - (or Hermitage) - Local name of the grape variety Marsanne Blanche, speciality of Valais.

Federweisser - Name given in German Switzerland to the white wine issued from the Pinot Noir.

Fendant - Well-known white wine from the canton of Valais, made from the Chasselas grape variety which is also locally called Fendant.

Foehn - Warm wind in the mountains, participating to the microclimates of certain regions, especially in Valais.

Freisamer - White grape variety grown in German Switzerland and in the canton of Fribourg, crossbreeding between the Sylvaner and the Pinot Gris (Rülander).

Gamaret - Promising red grape variety cultivated in the canton of Vaud, in Valais and in Geneva, crossbreeding between the Gamay and the Reichensteiner.

Gamay - Well-known red grape variety from the Beaujolais, above all cultivated in Geneva and in the cantons of Vaud and Valais.

Garanoir - Recent red grape variety, also a crossbreeding between the Gamay and the Reichensteiner.

La Gerle (La~) – Quality-label for the white wines from the canton of Neuchâtel.

Gewürztraminer - White grape variety originating from Alsace, that is found in some Swiss regions.

Gouais (Ger. Gwäss) – Rare and ancient white grape variety, that can still be found in the Haut-Valais.

Himbertscha - Rare indigenous white grape variety from the Haut-Valais.

Humagne Blanc - Indigenous white grape variety from Valais, not related to the Humagne Rouge.

Humagne Rouge - Indigenous red grape variety from Valais.

Johannisberg - Name for the Sylvaner in Valais.


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