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SWEA – Swiss Wine Exporters' Association

Switzerland is barely known as a wine-producing country abroad, so the Swiss Wine Exporters’ Association endeavours to raise the international profile of Swiss wines in order to promote exports. Established in 1958, SWEA is a cooperative that helps its 65 members, as well as other Swiss producers, participate in international trade fairs and a range of other events around the world, with a view to strategic positioning and enhancing trade prospects abroad.

In recent years, the quality of Swiss wines has improved dramatically. As a result, some wine makers have earned well-deserved recognition, winning prestigious awards at international competitions. Swiss wines are now recognized as high quality products. Interest in them is high, partly on account of wine enthusiasts’ perpetual hunt for exoticism.

True to the reputation of Switzerland, Swiss wines possess the quality people expect from world-famous Swiss workmanship.

Since Swiss wines are rare, SWEA strives to give as many connoisseurs as possible the chance to discover, purchase, and share them.


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